Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catrina's Home Address + IDEX + Doll Reader Magazine

Catrina has not shipped the dolls she sold at IDEX, and as of yet Doll Reader magazine has not yet warned their subscribers in print or online about Dollfair and the dangers of ordering through Catrina.

I also wanted to go ahead and post Catrina's home address so that if you feel the need to take legal action you have a working address, I've held off posting her address for 3 months now and since things have not improved and Catrina shows no signs of changing her ways, I think it's fair to give everyone the opportunity to take legal action and be able to send her registered mail. For those of you who will doubtless have a problem with this, please know that it's a matter of public record and already listed online, I'm just making it easier for people to find it. 

Catherine Sanders home address: 

7027 Columbia Rd
Olmsted Falls, OH 44138

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