Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Limhwa loses contact with Dollfair

From Limhwa:
I inform you that do not make orders on limhwa.com because I lost contact with her anymore. limhwadoll | 2011·04·25 16:57 | HIT : 82 | VOTE : 1 | Hello.
It is almost one month that limhwadoll completed the delivery of Catherin (dollfair)’s last order.
Before delivery, she gave another order list and severed contact without paying at all.
To Catherin (dollfair), I asked to get refund all on the orders after the last completion of the delivery. In addition, I asked to shut orders on USA site of limhwa.com.
It seems like that orders are impossible on the USA site (limhwa.com), so I thought that she refunded everything.
However, lately, some customers sent me mails.
I was shocked and disappointed a lot by Catherin (dollfair)’s irresponsible acts.
I am not member of Don of Angels Club.
Therefore, it is hard to me to know the news of those days. Is there anyone to help me to join the club?
I wrote this that there is no way to inform.
I inform you that do not make orders on limhwa.com because I lost contact with her anymore.
In addition, I have no way to contact with her if she cuts the contact.
I only know to know about creation dolls, am hurting and suffering from those people betrayed. I am so sorry to write this
It appears that no orders can be made through Limhwa.com at the moment (there’s a warning that “the account is off-line”), but it seems best to for now also refrain from trying to place orders for Limhwa dolls at Dollfair through email or other means.


  1. This is unfortunate! I hope everything will pull through and for those who ordered their dolls from Dollfair will receive their dolls or have their money refunded soon. I have always admired Limhwa's work but now I probably gonna have to wait a bit longer before ordering one of their dolls.

  2. Is there an email where we can contact Limhwa Korea? Unfortunately I think it's too late for me to get a refund though I will try. Still, I'd like to contact Limhwa. This was my first BJD purchase and I was on vacation so had no idea what was happening. Please feel free to email me Limhwa's information if possible at:


    This is sad.