Thursday, February 10, 2011

For People Who Are Not on DoA and Have Problems

Hey this is a response to a comment someone posted, I want the non-DoA members to be able to find resolution as well. Please read and follow the following directions. If you are on DoA and have an unfilled order with Dollfair and have NOT gotten a refund please also fill this out. Please note that Bimong is NOT giving people refunds, he is only making the dolls.

Please go to this webpage and create an ID:

Then after you have done that, fill this form out and send it to 's ID :
DoA name (if you have one):
Name :
Head Type :
Body (girl,boy, None (only head) ) :
Skin type (No more make pinky white) :
Etc (Make up, Ear piercing , sanding....) :
Address :
Telephone number :
Payment proof files : 

For the "Payment proof files" you can take a screenshot of the paypal payment to Dollfair. 


  1. thanks a lot for this reply. I just will send you the information.

  2. Thanks for making this info available to those not on DOA!

    and for creating this site!