Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Doll Reader + News About Catrina

Someone posted the following on the DoA forums. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I thought it was blog worthy so here it is: 

"I wasn't going to post here anymore but yes, I do know something about this and if she does relocate I will be straight in my car to see her personally and get a bl**dy explanation for you all. I haven't aired this before because it seemed like personal information and I still don't know if I should be making it public, but Catrina, when she phoned me back at the end of November, said that she was seeing a man who lived just down the coast from me here in North Wales and asked if I could find out anything about resin casting in the UK because she was thinking of relocating. I have been very puzzled when her husband has been mentioned so much lately as she gave me the impression she has been with this man for some time, perhaps the husband is a business partner? Not really relevant I suppose.

I do wonder if she is thinking of re-registering her business in the UK and trying to wipe off all these debts? I don't even know if that is possible. Sorry if the mods feel this is inappropriate, I'm just responding to a direct question from someone who is still owed money. Please remove if this is inappropriate."

Here is the article (sent by another person who got the issue of Doll Reader) who retyped the article and was kind enough to send it to me so I could post it here! 

Doll Reader article: 
Dollfair brings artist's works from around the world to your doorstep.

Dollfair International, one of the leading names in the BJD market today, ensures the work of Korean and European doll artists is easily accessible to all collectors. Representing names like Limhwa Doll of Korea and Cerisedolls by artist Lillycat of France, Dollfair offers collectors some of the most highly sought after and hard to find BJDs around.

Just two years ago, Dollfair began working with a select number of dealers, jointly producing special custom limited editions via its Enchantment Doll line. The first partner was The Doll Market of Greensboro, N.C. "This is an exciting collaboration between artists and retailers to develop a custom identity and look for each shop, in the spirit of creativity expressed with ball-jointed dolls," says Catherine Sanders, CEO and creative director of Dollfair.

Cristy Stone of Xtreme Doll, who is well recognized for her amazing face-ups, has recently partnered with Dollfair, and last year Dollfair announced its own production of dolls by Marina Bychkova of Enchanted Dolls. Today, Dollfair is now opening its doors to producing dolls for other artists worldwide.

For 2011, Dollfair plans to open a second location in Wales, United Kingdom, making accessibility even easier by shipping dolls within the European Union. It's not always easy to locate that perfect BJD, and if you've found it, it's not always easy to get. Dollfair's relationships with artists worldwide and ease of access make the search for that perfect BJD just that much easier.

[ ] Dollfair International, 278 Karl St, Berea, OH, 440-239-0723,


  1. If this article is a joke, it isn't funny at all. I am just even more angry than before ready all that new lies. All that story is just Crazy.


  2. Lilycat, sadly it isn't a joke. Perhaps you should email Doll Reader magazine and tell them a few facts? I think this is outrageous Catrina is being allowed to continue her fraud and I sincerely hope she doesn't come to the UK, if so I would be happy to spread the word over here.

  3. Catrina has friend working for dollreader... So it won't change anything and she knows it.
    She doesn't answer to my laywer mail so when I read this article I just don't understand how she can said that and acting like she does..

  4. didnt someone mention one of her website was registered to a UK address? I cant be sure but i wasnt able to find the info

    I would watch out for "new" companies coming up, new "names" being used (i'm not sure if she will still use the name dollfair)

    She is so shrewd, i dont know if this UK move is a decoy . UK is NOT a great place for BJD with customs and really crazy shipping charges so i have to wonder.

    SHe has friends in high places allright. DOA is one of them. Thats why after so long she only got flagged and not banned from trading while others have been banned for lesser infringement

  5. Perhaps one of the UK residents involved could look up the conditions for US citizens to move to the UK in general, and set up or hold a share in a business there in particular (although if she has a friend in Wales the new business might be in his name) and check which authorities to contact. If you can show them that she is trying to escape considerable debt/has committed fraud they will probably not be too happy and it might turn out to be not quite as easy as it sounds right now for her to just move to the UK and set up a new company.

  6. Uk immigration is very very strict. Is there a way to tip off Uk immigration
    For on suspicion of possible fraud? Also I can't see how she can move to Uk
    Legally without marriage, a job offer as u would need a visa first . Unless
    She enters as visitor and overstays illegally run business illegally

  7. Uk home office tightened it's visa issuing since 2009
    And legit companies in the Uk have failed to secure
    Work permits to work and live in the Uk
    There is no way catrina can legally move to Uk
    When she apparently is still married let alone live
    And start business there. Kayjay maybe we can approach
    From this home office angle so she doesn't run with
    People's money to start life anew
    You can come to Uk as investor but you need about a million pounds
    Something I don't think she has

  8. Doll Reader Contact Page

    If enough people complain high enough, maybe Catrina's friend will get a smack on the wrist and they'll run a retraction.

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