Monday, February 14, 2011


Ok I was debating writing here or not.... but Catrina played the same game with the Narin customers. Replying here and there to give people a little hope but it seems what she's really doing is dragging things out until you cannot get a refund from paypal, then dragging things out some more until you cannot do a chargeback through your credit card company.

Believe what you want about Catrina, but also be aware that there are 30+ other doll lovers on DoA that have not heard from Catrina for months, and the ONLY reason they are getting anything resolved is because the artist is paying for the fulfillment of the orders out of his own pocket.

I know some of the Limhwa dolls have shown up, I'm very happy for those people, but also keep in mind that this is your money at stake here.... Catrina has been monitoring her Limhwa Yahoo group like someone who has something to hide.

Keep in mind that Anita of Sleetweath, Paul Pham, LillyCats, Marina of Enchanted Doll, and Bimong have all claimed to have serious issues with Catrina. These people aren't customers, they are artists who have been fooled, lied to and stolen from by Catrina.

If you currently have a Limhwa order I would at least consider at this point doing a Paypal or Credit/Debit card chargeback, before it's too late.

I really don't know what else to say. How many people does Catrina have to lie to and defraud before others realize that she's become a person that isn't deserving of trust? There's already 30 not including artists. Will it take 50? 60? 100? How many thousands of dollars?

I really hope I'm way off the mark here and that Limhwa customers won't end up like the Narin ones.... but at this point it looks the same.

Good luck.


  1. I think that needed saying, I was looking through the last few pages of the Limhwa thread yesterday and it all looks depressingly familiar.

  2. God help those who Help themselves. If people dont what to listen despite evidence then I'm going to say they very well bloody deserve it. Afterall you already wasted so much time trying when you dont even have to. So if they really dont listen, its a damn good lesson learnt for them!

    operation method is always the same. refund some. send some dolls. cheat the rest. and hope the people that got refund and dolls will do the PR for her.

    If people are defiantly stupid, what can you do.

  3. I'm so glad that i found this post. I wanted to order Limhwa Half elf but I think I will look for other bjd...

  4. As kayjay has reported on DoA, Catrina has attended IDEX and has actually warned people against ordering directly from Bimong.

    Given that the Narae and Neferti heads and dolls that people ordered from *her* and had paid *her* for, are currently being made and shipped out by Bimong at his own cost; that Bimong kept his promise and people are actually receiving their items while Catrina has gone completely incommunicado from everyone except a select few of her Limhwa customers, this is really, really low.

  5. Alas, now, 2 months later, it appears that Limwha customers are exactly in the same situation as the Narindoll customers.

    The creator of Limwha dolls just admitted that she lost contact with Dollfair a month ago and hasn't received payment for the last batch of orders.

  6. What a surprise.... and nobody listened to me :)

  7. Nocturne> +10000 !!!! As you said what a surprise.