Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chargebacks, Catrina's Yahoo Posts, Bimong

First I have some great news! One of the members who filed a charge back through their credit card company was refunded! Once again I will say this: If you paid with a credit or debit card through Paypal you can still call your bank or credit card company and file a charge back. You can do this by either going to or calling your bank OR you can call the number listed on the back of your credit card. It's very easy. 

Secondly, I had a conversation with Bimong tonight on Skype about the Dollfair orders that he is very kindly sending out for people even though he did not receive full payment from Catrina for the orders. He has said that some dolls should be shipping out as soon as next week. I will also be helping him file a complaint with the Ohio Attorney General's Office over the next few days, as he is owed the most money and I hope that it will spur them into action. I will keep you updated as best I can in regards to doll shipments from him. 
PLEASE keep in mind that even though Bimong is kind enough to do this, that as the person who accepted your money, Catrina is ultimately legally responsible, if you have not already please FILE A COMPLAINT with the Ohio Attorney General's Office.... THIS WILL HELP FUTURE PEOPLE AVOID FALLING INTO THE SAME TRAP AS YOU. People not doing anything against her in the past is what got us to where we are today with this mess, now is the time to stop her once and for all. 

Lastly, Catrina who is posing as "Jo Ross" has a Yahoo! Group running for Limhwa, all negative posts about her or Dollfair are promptly deleted and I fear for the people who are currently ordering from Limhwa. 

Here is her most recent post, which contains nothing but more excuses... and it HORRIFIES me that she would still continue business like usual when she still has so many hurt and distressed customers who she still owes around $15,000 in refunds to. One of the members of the Narin thread was awesome enough to add up all the order amounts and this is the approximate number. Bimong has reported that there are no legal actions being taken against him by Dollfair, so most of the post seems to be a blatant lie, but I will post it here for everyone to read. 

The post, made by Catrina on her Yahoo! Group (thank you to the person who has kept me updated on the Yahoo! Group situation)

Hello xxxxxxxx,

Limhwadoll in Korea has no connection to Bimong or Narin Doll. In fact the two of them have never gotten along well. we have been working with Limhwa now for 5 years and everything has always been fine and her work is always impressive.

Due to legal actions we have been forced to take against certain persons in Korea, we have been asked by our lawyer not to comment further. There is a lot of misinformation out there and it's hard for me not to be able to say anything. 

Due to all the refunds we issued, our merchant Visa/ Mastercard got unhappy about all the money they had to pay back... 
and so we were forced to switch to a new merchant system with a local bank. So good news is we can soon take payments by Discover as well as Visa and Mastercard. Bad news for me was that the merchant system we had for six years locked me out of the database when it switched. So I am waiting now for hard copies so I can resume shipping some overdue items (none of which are Limhwa as you know).
In the past, we never needed to refund more than a handful of things per year, so you cannot imagine what a headache this has been. 

But I want to assure you everything has been fine with Limhwa and as usual her orders arrive and are beautiful. 

Limhwa orders taken before the next ordering period starts take the longest to arrive. We are just about to begin a new ordering period which will last one week. 

Limhwa dolls can also be seen at IDEX later this week and will be featured in the Doll Reader Debut of Dolls issue being unveiled at IDEX. 

thank you
Jo Ross


  1. Well she's a right one isn't she, lie after lie... I'm not owed anything, thankfully, but almost ordered a Narae, so feel lucky, but really sad for those she's scammed out of money and for Bimong who almost lost his reputation before Catrina was exposed for what she is. I continue to observe and hope that the situation is resolved for everyone waiting for refunds and/or dolls x

  2. I tried to post again at the Limhwa Yahoo!group since my message was the only one that got through, but it's not been posted. If it shows up after the weekend, then I suspect someone at Dollfair (most likely Catrina) is screening all comments and approves them before they are posted on the Yahoo!group. She's supposed to be at IDEX now and will probably be doing other things than watching the Yahoo!group.

  3. Well, since even posts about pictures with Limhwa dolls are still being blocked at the Yahoo!group taken hostage by Dollfair, I've started a new group:

    Feel free to join.

    If you go to the Limhwa waiting room at DoA, you'll notice that Dollfair is still replying to people who pay for new Limhwa dolls.