Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Apology for Lack of Updates

Hey all! 

Just wanted to say I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I've been sick (but functional) for the past two weeks and the last week it got pretty bad, but I think I'm on the road to recovery now. We're still digging into the Dollfair issues, but I got slowed down by the plague a bit! :P 

Currently I'm trying to find more information out on what is going on with Limhwa and Dollfair. Some customers appear to be getting dolls that were ordered back in October, but there's been no word from the actual creator of Limhwa on whether or not everything continues to go smoothly. I am concerned about Limhwa because they seem to be the only company that Dollfair has not burned bridges with yet. 

There is a Yahoo! group here: where "Jo Ross" (most likely Catrina) has posted:

"Hi everybody
My name is Jo Ross, and I'm the customer service manager for Limhwa Doll international.
Joan Nopriadi did customer service for many years and I am trying to fill her shoes.. it hasn't been easy. There is so much to learn and so many details with each doll to memorize.
We're going to kick off a special event this week for Limhwa Doll, with a secret treat for insiders here on the Yahoo list.. we will also be offering some special discontinued dolls for sale. Details on this coming later today.
If you have any questions please ask.. I'm going to check here and see what you need to know about!

thanks so much
Jo Ross
Limhwa Doll international
customer service"

It really bothers me not only that this is most likely Catrina, but also because Dollfair is going out if it's way to possibly do special events for Limhwa customers while there are 30+ people who ordered Narin dolls from her that are still awaiting refunds. 

Anyways in response to "Jo Ross" a Yahoo! group poster said: 
"How are we to know this won't turn into another fiasco as is happening with the Narae/Neferti orders? I have emailed you concerning an order I have not received since last June of 2010 and have been repeatedly ignored. I would like to order more products from Dollfair, but since the other problems haven't been resolved with your other doll lines it is questionable."

The above post got deleted from the Yahoo! group and I believe nobody has heard from Jo Ross afterwards. 

Any help looking into this would be appreciated. Bimong has given me the address for the artist which is:

Perhaps if more people write to her she will reply and we can find some answers! 

Again my email address is here: if you have anything you would find useful to post here! 

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  1. I don't think it's important enough to email you with since it doesn't help, but is more of an observation:

    Before she (whomever she is) posted in the Limhwa Yahoo! group she also deleted two threads that had the Dollfair issues mentioned in.

    One had a link to this blog and the other was asking about who'd had what delivered yet due to the Dollfair issues with Narin (basically, had the Narin issues spilled into Limhwa yet). Someone then posted a warning in the thread about Dollfair with links to the information on (containing info from here and DoA) and a strong "DO NOT BUY' message.

    All of that was deleted before she posted her happy "Hi! I'm Jo Ross" message.
    So they're covering dirt in the Yahoo! group. I don't know if the Limhwa creator knows about this, but it's very underhanded to delete information and concerns.