Wednesday, January 12, 2011

List of people who are still owed refunds

If you are not on this list and need to be added please go to the DoA thread and add yourself!!! 

December 4, 2009 - masala_chai_tea Golden Beige Matte Narae 60cm open-eyed head ($265). Defective item received on April 20th, 2010 and a replacement was promised. Compensation agreement made with Dollfair in October 2010 and defective item was sent back immediately after to Dollfair. - waiting for compensation + shipping fees refunded for parts sent back.


Feb 25, 2010 - Pake4pleasanton 43cm Classic Narae. Pink white matte, small bust, new knee, classic Narae hands, Narin Makeup Day, seam sanding $655 (doll) +$35 (extra for change in eyebrows) = $690 - waiting for either doll or refund.

March 19, 2010- Compresadefresa. Dandelion 39cm. Chopose skin: matte resin tanning. Face Painting: Default-Blank. Sanding Seam: do not sand the seams. Ear Piercing: both ears. Total: $515 (including shipping). November 29, 2010, contacted me and promised a refund. I am still waiting.



julsw - Narin Charisma head pinky white matte, June, 18th 2010. Waiting for head or refund
zababee - waiting for refund 100$ - for Custom makeup for neferti head,the refund for the doll received
09.06 - radu -Neferti head in white urethane + limited Jewelry - waiting for refund
20.06 - Gercog - LE Neferti head in Golden Beige Matte Urethane resin - waiting for refund 
iamsiam71 - Neferti head in pinky white urethane - waiting for refund
I_DekuPhantomme - Neferti head in tan matte urethane - requested refund, no reply
haru-jen - Neferti head in tan French resin - requested refund, no reply
Tosh - Neferti head white matte urethane - want damn refund but no reply
Kaye ... 16th June .. Neferti head Tan French resin - awaiting a refund
Kaye ... 18th June .. small bust body Tan French resin - awaiting a refund
PacificBlue - June 9th - Neferti head in beige urethane - awaiting refund
Paddishtou - June 9th - Neferti head in white matte urethane (= $185) - requested refund, no reply
Lysel- June 10th - Neferti head in Pinky white Matte Urethane no face-up (= $185) - refund requested, no reply
keisetsu - 11/06/2010 - Neferi head in golden beige urethane w/o face-up - still waiting for shipment of the head
JEM12 - June 9th Neferti head french resin w/face up and jewelry, June 23rd french resin body - requested refund 12/7 - no reply
International Velvet- June 16th- Neferti head WS normal resin: Requested Refund, no reply
la Renard - 6/15/2010 Neferti head white uretane w/o face up - still waiting of the head 
yiuu - June 9th, Order No 00003554. Neferti head in Golden Beige Matte Urethane resin w/o faceup - waiting for head/refund.
cristyleepurchased Neferti head white urethane, still waiting for head, no refund issued
Sillypeach - 17 june 2010, Neferti head in white - refund requested, no reply
Angelguardian June 8, 2010 Neferti head tan urethane with faceup - have requested reply
Nanyalin June, 2010; Neferti head in White Skin urethane. 170$, requested head or money, no refund, no reply.
abbie 16 June 2010; Neferti head and body in tan french resin with faceup and jewelry - refund requested, no refund, no reply - opened dispute with credit card company on 3 January 2011.


8/20 - Obsessed_Mimiko: 43cm Golden Beige matte resin, classic knee, Butterfly face Narin - Waiting for refund

9/21-KittenINAbox:TOYOU Sara faceplate sent back for repairs. Dollfair emailed and confirmed they recieved it(10/26) and was hoping it would be fixed and returned before Christmas,never happened. Still waiting for faceplate or any response to my emails.

Doll Arrived 01/15/11 - 10/11 - gothiclibrarian: Limhwa Leda 43cm
Doll Arrived 01/17/11 - 10/12 - WillowRain: Limhwa Leda 43cm, Normal Beige Urethane, blank, high-heeled feet
10/12 - nancy_schroeder_ca: Limhwa Leda 43cm, pinky white French resin, painted, one pair high-heeled feet, waiting on doll but may start a charge back 

1/11 Vonbonbon: Sleetwealth Briar, nude, blank, in stock: awaiting tracking number/proof of shipping
29/11 Miisu, order number 00003713, normal beige uretane Leda with face-up + shipping to Russia, $400: waiting for doll to be shipped, sent an e-mail next day about the order, got answer 7/12 confirming order & saying that the doll will be shipped in the end of January

1/12/2010 Sirena (elcato) OnlineOrder_00003715 Limhwa ToYou Sara NS + face up - sent several emails - no answer
7/12/2010 Miisu, order number 00003718, normal beige uretane Sara with face-up + wig & eyes + shipping to Russia, $315: waiting for doll to be shipped, sent an e-mail few days after the purchase, no answer
15/12/2010 Lokifer: order 00003722 Limhwa Elly beauty white skin + face-up: waiting for either doll or refund
[B]January 2011[B]
1/6/11 [B] Stella Maris[B], recieved email from Bimong, stating that he would be able to fill my order for 43 Narae in about a month.


  1. please be aware and tell your readers, it is highly possible Dennis, Catrina, Jo Ross may all be the same person,Catherine who decide to do "something" after being afraid of the "reporter news story"

    if you check back on her post, didnt she say her family has stepped up to answer emails, this was the beginning of all this but yet silence all along

    the conveniently joan left

    I HONESTLY believe she hoped it would all die down but whenever pressure exerts she A) would return to refund a few B)make up more stories with teaser so everyone is left hanging on.

    I think she counted on this to blow over.

  2. I would like to be added to your list. I ordered Neferti in June, 2010 (No faceup) with headpiece. Total Paid $210.00. To date I have not received. I inquired three times, and only received a response yesterday. I was wondering if there were any other buyers that received this response yet have not been not refunded.

    This was the response I received from Catrina:
    Received your inquiry. We have forwarded this to our shipping department, who will look into what happened to your shipment. We will back in touch shortly with an answer.

  3. I want to register in DoA but I can't. I am asked for a invitation code I never had!!!!
    I am another catched in the Narin Dolls disaster and I just received a pair of three of months a email saying I will be refund my money.

    I bouth a Dandelion 38 cms. doll in february 2010 for $635 and I have been very patient for a very long long time!!! I have written them one and other time and I assume I have received the same replies of the rest of the people.

  4. I would like to be added to your list, I ordered a Tan Limho during the March ordering period. No extras or faceup. $395.00

    I've already contacted my bank to help me with getting a refund, After seeing the message from Limhwa I am not taking any chances.