Saturday, January 22, 2011

Comments from an Ex-Dollfair Employee

Got this email from someone who used to work for Dollfair. I want to post it because it shows that those who have been lied to and hurt by Dollfair are NOT alone. 
I really appreciate the person who wrote this to me, so thank you. Everything we find out gives us a better idea of what is really going on. 

I just thought I would drop you an email about Dollfair. The work you have done compiling all of the information is very wonderful, and I admire your dedication.

I worked for Catrina for a period of time, and won't disclose the period. I can safely say that there is a good bit of bad blood between her and I. In the beginning when the store first opened up, I worked with three other people. By time the store opened I was working with one other person. Not a month later, the other person she had hired quit. The conditions were very suspicious. 

Catrina was always very big into bragging about how successful she was. I recall vividly bringing a friend  into the shop to show her the dolls, and ended up helping her with orders- while I was off the clock. I was there for an hour helping her and she proceeded to tell me that she had decided to take her daughter to France and that it was just too bad that I would never be able to afford to go nice places. Then she called her up on speaker phone in front of me. 

Catrina has always had habits of lying about things- I know for sure that she would frequently lie about furiously packaging up big shipments, because it would be her sitting on the computer while I packed things up!  I actually wasn't paid in cash- I was paid in merch while working with Catrina, and she would gladly tell me about how  she got a huge profit margin on these items (near 40% off) and originally I had been promised to only work off what she paid... I worked off retail on all the items.

She used to scold me constantly for how the business was doing when I only packed up orders. She blamed me for low sales on a doll line she never advertised for sale, let alone created a webpage for... And most of all, when I was in the store one time she told me- 
"Don't try to talk about me or the store on Den of Angels/Den of Demons. I have so many friends who will look out for me and make sure bad things don't get said. It's not worth trying."

Frankly I didn't know Joan still worked for Dollfair. I really hope a better solution is found. I know Catrina did, in my working with her,  she had more than one email and web message account to make sure that she always had a good persona in public. 

I'm not sure any of that is helpful really, I have certainly done my own wrongs in my interactions with her- if any of this is interesting please refrain from disclosing my name. But it really helps me to tell someone.

I hope this problem gets resolved for everyone soon.



  1. Catrina sounds a delightful character (not). Her silence speaks volumes about the situation and I can't believe that people are still defending her on these matters

  2. DOA is a private forum. The Mods watch out for negativity towards her and deleted my posts unfavorable to Catrina since years ago and they still dont ban her for trading.

  3. this is a little distressing to see this blog. so many bad things i didn't know about.

    i ordered a narin early feb. of last year and I sadly enough did not get my narin i wanted. but i did receive a return of my money in nov of last year.

    i had a few friends that told me i needed to join denofangel to be on a problem list for the narin dealer and i tried to register for the forum but i am not allowed to post in it yet, it says i am in a que.
    do i still need to be on a list if i received my money back? is this why i was not approved yet by denofangel?

  4. Hey Melinda, if you received a refund from Catrina in November then you don't need to worry about adding yourself to the list!
    I think there might be many people trying to join Den of Angels right now and the moderators individually approve each person so that could be the delay... I'm not sure though.



  5. oh thank you miss erin,
    will denofangels still allow me to join even though i am not on the list?
    so many people have problems with delays?
    thank you for being so kind as to help with an answer.

  6. my apologies if you are a mr. I accidentally wrote miss. my apologies.

  7. I appreciate that you posted your story! And are adding information to this blog.
    I think its unfortunate that DoA mods and even IDEX protect her!