Thursday, January 20, 2011

For People That Take Issue With This Blog

Some people, whether they are well meaning or not still take issue with the fact that I have set up this blog. 

Some think it's a personal attack. Some say its libelous. Some simply are blindly defending Dollfair. 

I want it to be known that I did not set up this blog to annihilate Catrina or Dollfair, but rather to bring all the facts together to one place where people who have been hurt by the Dollfair fiasco can follow what is going on, and remain informed in ongoing developments involving Dollfair. 

What have I done to harm Catrina? 

Was it me who left the Narin/Narae orders up for months after the artist requested orders be closed? No. Catrina has admitted she should have closed the order period much sooner.

Was it me that left 4 functioning websites up for companies I no longer have the legal right to represent? No.

Was it me who stopped communicating with my hurt and confused customers, making promises and not keeping them? No. 

Was it me who sent bad prototypes to artists, kept their masters, supplies and disappointed their fans? No.

Is it me going to IDEX, even though I owe thousands of dollars in refunds to people who trusted me with their money? No.

All I have done is raise awareness of the problems Dollfair created for themselves. I find it interesting that people take issue with that. 
Tell me what would you rather have then. Would you rather have nobody knowing about the problems? Nobody putting them together in one place? Nobody upset that all this has gone on? Would you rather have people still purchasing dolls from websites that Dollfair no longer has the rights to run? Would you rather have had all this left in the shadows, each problem secret and separate? Do you think it's nobody's business? Would you rather let Catrina remain silent while thousands of her customer's dollars have vanished? Customers who have supported her business in the past?

If you would really rather have those things, then ask yourself why. The problem is bigger than any one person. I understand that some people know Catrina and like her, but this isn't about you. It's about the people that have lost money. People who have been hurt. People who have been lied to. Artists who were so hopeful to see their dolls come to life in resin. Don't act like these people are Catrina's enemies, they are the ones that supported her in the first place, whether it be with their money or their art.

Until Catrina stands up and speaks for herself, I will let her actions speak for her through this blog. If she does speak for herself I will post it here without comment, fairly.

The truth hurts, that's how it lets you know when you don't have it.


  1. Thank you again, Erin, for trying to keep people informed as objectively as possible.

  2. I think if you read through the whole blog you would find it RATHER difficult to be objective... considering all the other stuff I have on Catrina and Dollfair that I HAVEN'T posted here.... I think I'm being pretty fair. You're welcome to your own opinion, of course... and I'll leave it up here for everyone to read. If you want to remain in defense of Catrina, that's your prerogative... but you're only making other people upset and embarrassing yourself.

  3. To Alison,

    Nocturne of silence IS objective, she got her refund, whats there not to be objective about

    perhaps its YOU who isnt. Perhaps you are Catrina.

  4. Alison/OpheliaB you are no longer welcome to comment on this blog unless it is to be positive and supportive towards the customers and artists who are victims of Dollfair.