Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BIG UPDATE: E-mails between me and Denis Sanders

I wrote an email a few days ago to all million of Catrina's known email addresses, and her husband replied to me. I have already been refunded, which he probably knows.... so I don't know why he's offering to refund me again, probably because they are really that disorganized. At least it's something though. I obviously won't ask him for a second refund. >.<

Edited to quote someone who said how i feel better than I can say it: 
"Due to Catrina's long history of not-quite-ethical business practices, I personally won't be giving her or her husband the benefit of the doubt here. If nothing else, if she's had pneumonia for two months, who did the tow truck company manager see going in and out of her warehouse? Why did she continue to take orders after Bimong told her to desist? Why did she lie about sending out half the Neferti heads, and were they ever cast at all? I'm also really glad you brought up the Supia website issue. I've seen it mentioned before, and couldn't figure out why no one thought it was unethical. After all, if Catrina's had the site active for two years, she must have been renewing the doman name, right? That shows calculated spite, not just forgetfulness. You don't "forget" you have an active website for dolls you don't sell."

I removed the emails for my own reasons. If you need a copy of them for legitimate legal purposes, I will foward them to you! 


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