Saturday, January 8, 2011

My contact with Bimong, trying to contact the creator of Limhwa dolls

(this is a post I posted on DoA on January 7th, 2011, when and if I hear back from Bimong, I will update this post)
UPDATED ON January 9th 2011
E-Mail Address for Ms. Jung, Limhwa creator

Original Post: 

I wrote to Bimong today about Limhwa because the girl who creates Limhwa dolls actually was his student once. 
The only way to communicate with Limhwa (to my knowledge) is through Dollfair. So I asked Bimong if he could get in touch with the creator of Limhwa and ask her if she is getting orders and money from Dollfair. 

What he said to me was this: Ms. Jung (Limhwa owner) knows about all the problems between Dollfair and him, and also the problems with no refunds being given or dolls produced. However she regretfully still believes what Catrina is saying to her. That it made him sad because Catrina has turned Ms. Jung against him with lies. 

He asked me if Ms. Jung suffered, and if her customers suffered. I told him that the customers were very confused and worried and were afraid that Catrina would hurt them a as badly as the Narin/Neferti/Sleetweath customers. I told him I don't know how Ms. Jung is doing and could he please call her or contact her to tell her what is going on with her customers. 
He seemed alarmed and said to me that he would attempt to contact Ms Jung over the next few days. 

So I'll let you know after he contacts the Limhwa owner, if he is able to talk to her at all.

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