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Statements from artists who are warning against Dollfair:

Dollfair has not only robbed from it's customers but also from the artists who work so hard to create dolls we love. I've complied the basics here so that people will be aware that the problem is deep, and severe. 

Anita Collins of Sleetwealth Briar posted:

I am Anita Collins creator of Sleetwealth Briar. I am no longer associating with Catrina Sanders of Dollfair/Atelier Nouveau and I would recommend that future buyers not purchase from her. Nor do I recommend artists looking to have their sculpture cast. I am working with a new more reliable resin caster to deliver the elf ear version of Briar. I sent Briar’s elf ear head in August of 2009 and my master was kept.

E-mail from French artist Lillycat to Bimong, original post can be seen here ( )

Hi Bimong,

I have saw your difficulty with Dollfair and Catrina and was really sad for you. Dollfair allways lying I learn that unfortunately because they do the same thing with me. May be you know me or my work 
If I write you this email today it is because of the last notice you put on your website explaning the situation with Dollfair and Catrina. As I have myself a lot of problem with them I thought that may be you could give me more information about this crazy situation. I didn't knew at all that she wasn't suppose to produce and sell doll from other artist than you.. She never told me about that. I send her my master in January:

We signed a contract about the sale and production of this doll around march 2010. Since Catrina spend her time lying to make telling thing and doing other. I just don't understand what is going on. No doll has been sale since they get my master. After the problem with you and narae and the story on Den of Angels. I decided to ask her to stop the contract and to send my master back. But since I have no answer from her. As you know making a master is a long
process and I am really afraid I never get it back.... I don't have enought money to pay again a laywer.
Well I know that you can't do anything to help me getting this doll back but if you want to tell my story too may be it could help us both. Catrina is a scammer and I am sure that what she told about you is
lie... Maybe she told you something about my doll ? I am afraid that my master may be destroy or something like
So sad and disapointed about this story
Hope you will read my mail and may be answer.
If we act together with other people who have problems with dollfair it
could help.
Best wishes for your new website and beautiful dolls.


Bimong's own statement about the situation with Dollfair (original link here: )

Dear valued customers,

I would like to clarify things with everbody today.
My 5-year contract with Narin Creative has been terminated as of April, 2010.
The benefit I have been receiving from the contract has been very unfair and it caused me a huge financial damage.
The damage includes both invasion of my copyright and monetary fraudulence.
I had no choice but to sue Narin Creative to regain my rights on April, 2010 and I have won the case in August.
During that time, Dollfair (Catrina) has created a lot of confusion for my customers.
Catrina has paid $4000 to the casting manager whom I work with and I received $2000 from the manager.
Half the money was to be used not only for producing my dolls but also for producing 20 dolls for a French artist.
Catrina has never sent the dolls to the French artist and she suddenly changed her words by saying that the entire money was for producing my dolls.
I have repeteadly told her not to accept orders for my dolls anymore during the legal procedure (from April through August).
To do a favor for Catrina, I allowed her to accept orders only for Neferti Head 30 limited edition, which would be our final business together.
But I could not get a hold of her since August. She simply disappeared.
She promised me to send me the profit of the sales (the conversation via Skype has been saved so I can prove this)
but she did not give me any updates on the progress or payment for weeks thereafter.
The only news I heard about her came from her translator who is now working with me in Korea
I asked Catrina through the translator why she hasn't contacted me and why she hasn't sent me 70% of the profit that she promised.
According to the translator, Catrina could not give me part of the profit from Neferti Head 30 Limited edition.
I got angry and I removed the "limited edition" option of Neferti Head in my website (
What is important is that she wasn't keeping her promise with me in the first place.
I never allowed my agent to whom I supply my dolls exclusively to sell dolls made by other artists and Catrina promised me that she would
never sell dolls made by other artists starting from the end of last year.
There are three people who witnessed Catrina making such promise.
I heard from the translator that while I was busy with the legal action that I had taken against Narin Creative,
Catrina was selling and promoting dolls from other company and she was also making a new website for dolls from another artist.
I felt so betrayed by her selfish action and I have came to decision that I would never work with a foreign agent.
I have tried very hard that customers would get their money back- the money which Catrina has been collecting without my approval.
Bu she is still not answering to some of the customers who have not received their money back.
I am getting tons of emails from her customers everyday.
Most of the emails are about people wanting their money back.
I wish I could help them but it's just not possible at the moment.
But if I can get back on track financially, hopefully in the begining of the new year, I am, upon my honor, planning to give them what they deserve.
I have been making dolls for 11 years now and I have tried very hard to raise the value of my name high but my agents or the companies that I worked with have been using me all along because of money.
Since the beginning of the year, I have been returning favor to my fan club members and my customers by introducing new products that I feel proud of.
All those who wish to contact me personally can always do so by coming to my website (
I promise that I would help those who have not gotten what they wanted and I will reestablish my impaired reputation.


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